Innovative Strategies for

Bridging User Behaviors

with Technology​

Why FoxBAS?  One word: Success.


FoxBAS identifies user behaviors and recommends technology alignment to ensure a usable design.  The result dramatically increases the odds that users are going to adopt the solution by unifying unconscious human drives with the technology.

Projects are approached in a holistically agnostic manner: technology agnostic, design agnostic, and industry agnostic.  Using tested, proprietary methodology, FoxBAS can then work unencumbered by project and design constraints, as an advocate of success in the business solution.

The tangible results are user workflows seamlessly stitched into the solution, assuring it’s value is distributed across all user (and even non-user) stakeholders.  Additionally, FoxBAS will make recommendations for things that may be beneficial: such as data categorization ideas, notifications relevance, meaningfully tracking compliance, measuring top performers (KPIs), leading indicators and early warnings, collaboration and sharing (separate from social tools), trends, rewards and incentives, and so on.

FoxBAS understands the intersection between workflows, behaviors, and unconscious drivers going a long way toward successfully helping users feel a new process or application is good for them and not just another thing being done to them.  Properly executing this throughout the pre-, intra-, and post-project stages can continue early-stage buy-in to solution adoption and even evangelism.



Fox Business Automation Solutions is a business process consulting firm with expertise and concepts that are currently utilized in several industries: Consultation on BPM (Business Process Management) within the framework of the human element; Rigid adherence to solution modeling to predict outcomes and analytics for continued improvement.


A Trusted Partner

"I had the opportunity to work with John Fox on the development of a SaaS web application over a period of six months. He differentiated himself quickly and repeatedly in a number of ways to include: he constantly anticipated the user experience, he deftly straddled the disciplines of app development and market viability, and he translated my circuitous, layman feedback into hard, technical specifications which served as an all-important blueprint for our deliverable.  I feel very fortunate to have partnered with John."

— Peter - Formulary Academy



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